...and occasional Photographer

...and occasional Photographer
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Monday, November 26, 2007

This Blog, It Is A'Changin'

Movin', to be precise. I was advised by enough clever people I should go with the blog format that makes me happy. And sadly, it's not Blogger. So as of today I'm emigrating from Blogger to the new world of Wordpress. More fun templates and formatting options for someone as fashion-forward as myself.

So, my devoted 4 readers (see, I'm +1 already!), give me a few days to transition to Wordpress and I promise posts to tantalize the senses when I return (or something like that). All the posts and comments here have already been moved to my new home. You can find me at:



Jessica said...

O.k. I changed my bookmark. I have to say, I do like the look of your new blog. This is why I can't be a graphic designer -- I tend towards the busy, but simple always works better.

Prairie Cate said...

Jen--I didn't know you had a blog!!!!! Why didn't you tell me???? I'm reading the whole thing tonight!