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...and occasional Photographer
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Saturday, November 17, 2007

G, C and D

About 13 years ago, I plunked out "Desperado" by The Eagles on my mom's piano until I could play it straight through with no stops, starts and obvious gaffs. And that's where my musical instrumentation career ended.

Singing? Sure. That was no problem...been doing that since I was old enough to gather I was any good at it. But actually showing some talent beyond the manipulation of my voice? That was another matter entirely.

So it's kind of a surprise to everyone including myself that at 29...and now 30...I should decide to take up the mandolin. My primary reasons: 1) when people who play it quite well do so, it sounds lovely, and 2) it's portable. Unlike the piano on which I could only really play one song by an aging hipster band in my parents' living room.

I've had three lessons and can reliably play three chords (thus, reiterating my firm belief in the 'rule of threes").

Chords I've gotten the hang of without much stopping, starting or obvious gaffs:

Stay tuned for more interesting (I promise) musings on music, MP3s of my mandolin skilzzz, playlists of songs I'm groovin' to at the moment, and more.


Jessica L. said...

Good that you've decided to initially take up an instrument that requires your hands to do two different things. Since learning the play the flute I am mentally incapable of asking my hands to go their separate ways. Apparently when I was young (prior to band in 5th grade) I could play the piano quite well -- to the point of hearing a song and playing it somewhat correctly. Alas, now I can only play heart and soul and only one part.

Meghan said...

Wahooo! Jen, I am so happy to have stumbled upon your blog. I can tell already i'm gonna be addicted to it. Fun subject matter for shizzle. :)