...and occasional Photographer

...and occasional Photographer
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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

And so it begins...

Welcome, one and al—

Well, actually, it’s probably just welcome…one. Maybe two, on a good day. “One-and-all” is a goal to which I can aspire. For now, welcome to whoever stumbles across this blog wherein I intend to babble on three main themes: writing, baking and music making. The rule of three apparently applies to my hobbies as well as to adjectives, ingredients and news sources.

On this blog you can expect to read about what I’m writing about (Mondays), what I’m baking or hoping to bake (Thursdays), and the music I’m learning to make (Saturdays)—which will generally encompass tips, tarts and tantrums. (You’ll learn that I love alliteration. You’ll learn that I love anaphora. You’ll learn that I love a bad language-usage joke.)

All that said, expect the first post when the bell tolls Thursday! (My bad jokes appear to extend into literature, too.) It'll be Baking Thursday on WriterBakerMusicMaker—I stopped at a chocolate factory this weekend, and where chocolate appears, good things follow.


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Jennifer said...

I didn't realize you were in accounting?! Welcome to the blogosphere, my dear friend.